These are very specialized types of appraisal assignments. In some instances, an individual may be in need of these services, however they are more typically required by attorneys, corporations, or other real estate related professionals.

In a review appraisal, Advent offers the following:

  1. Desk review. In this instance, we will perform a basic review of another appraisal utilizing available MLS data, assessing data, Registry of Deeds data, and other data that may be available to the review appraiser from the office.
  2. Drive-by review. In this instance, the appraiser will utilize all of the above sources, but also visually inspect the subject (from the street), and comps (from the street as well).
  3. Full Field Review. In this instance, the appraiser will utilize all of the elements of the desk review; however the appraiser will also measure the subject, and perform a full interior inspection of the subject.


In a retrospective appraisal, Advent offers the following:

  1. Retrospective appraisal for the purpose of establishing a value for the subject at a particular date in the past. A common example of this is for estate valuation purposes.
  2. Retrospective appraisal for the purpose of evaluating the value of the subject, as compared to an appraisal performed at some date in the past. This particular assignment is really a review appraisal, performed as-of a past date. These services are mostly performed to evaluate the previous appraisal, and frequently they are performed due to the desire of the Client to pursue legal action, or administrative sanctions.


Advent does offer all of these services, however due to their complex nature; they are accepted on a case-by-case basis only.
Advent has strict policies and procedures which must be agreed to in writing prior to the acceptance of/or performance of the assignment.

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